Product and industry-specific solutions

Solutions tailored to meet the needs of the customer

We provide components to our customers according to their needs. Our in-house foundry and extensive partner network guarantee a diverse supply range and almost limitless capacity. Our customers can get demanding single pieces as well as both small and large series from us. Contacting and cooperating is efficient and less time consuming as our customers can concentrate their casting procurement in one place. Our in-house foundry focus on demanding single pieces, prototype castings, small series, and product development projects undertaken by our customers. Large series are manufactured by our competitive international partner network. We can supply both machined and partially assembled components as needed.

Product development

Our operation is based in a deep understanding of customer needs and takes place in close cooperation with the customer. We carry out development work together with our customers in order to ensure the easiest possible manufacturing of the product and its top level usability. If needed, we consult our customers in choosing the best material and determine how to convert welded products into cast products.


Our materials selection includes several cast iron grades (e.g. GJL, GJS, and SiMo).

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SOLUTIONS Customized to our customers

At URV, we offer cast components for all casting needs by competitive solutions. We design a service concept together, starting with the planning of the casting need and ending with ensuring that the customer receives the high-quality components they need for their production at the right time. We ensure competitive solutions for our customers on the basis of continuous development in a flexible, cost-effective, and quality-conscious way.


We also produce cast components for pumping systems used in various industries and requiring high levels of performance and durability. The cast components produced for pumps are designed for extremely demanding operating conditions.

Electrical engines and generators

We possess very strong competencies in electrical engine and generator components. So far, we have delivered hundreds of thousands of casts and machined components to our customers. We are continuously streamlining our order to supply chain together with our customers in order to achieve considerable savings and efficiency improvements.

Lift and transfer gear

We deliver demanding cast components for lift and transfer gear systems. Our high-quality components do their part in guaranteeing the safety and reliable operation of lifts and various transfer gear systems.

Process industry

We design and manufacture durable solutions for the process industries that significantly lower the total life cycle costs of products. We meet the needs of our customers by the rapid manufacturing of single pieces and small series as well.

Diesel engines

We are a casting technology partner for diesel engine manufacturers. We handle entire projects from providing support in product design and manufacturing prototypes all the way to system deliveries for machined and finished components.