“One stop shopping” tuned to customer requirements!

At URV, we offer cast components for all casting needs by competitive solutions. We design a service concept together with the customer, starting with the planning of the casting and ending with ensuring that the customer receives the high-quality components they need for their production at the right time. We ensure competitive solutions for our customers on the basis of continuous development in a flexible, cost-effective, and quality-conscious way.

Quality assurance at all stages of the production process

Our Finnish and international teams guarantee the quality of components procured through both our in-house foundry and the international partner network. Quality assurance is part of the process at all stages, all the way from product development to the delivery of cast components.

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SERVICES Pre-production

Product development

Our operation is based in a deep understanding of customer needs and takes place in close cooperation with the customer. We carry out development work together with our customers in order to ensure the easiest possible manufacturing of the product and its top level usability. If needed, we consult our customers in choosing the best material and determine how to convert welded products into cast products.

Casting technology support

We take the product requirements specified by the customer into account as early as during the design stage. A material part of casting technology support is the design of a casting pattern, which we undertake together with the customer and, of course, the pattern makers. Our partnerships with the pattern makers we sub-contract are both close and long-lasting. In addition to technical quality, we are also continuously developing the speed and cost-efficiency of the pattern making.

SERVICES Production

Manufacturing and procurement

We provide components to our customers as needed. Our in-house foundry and extensive partner network guarantee a diverse supply range and almost limitless capacity. Thus, our customers can get the demanding single pieces as well as both small and large series that they need from us. Contacting and cooperating is efficient and less time consuming as our customers can concentrate their casting procurement in one place. Our in-house foundries focus on demanding unique pieces, prototype casts, small series, and product development projects undertaken by our customers. Large series are manufactured by our competitive international partner network. We can supply both machined and partially assembled components as needed.


Our partner network includes experienced machining companies for various casting components both in Finland and abroad. We will find from our network the most suitable and competitive machining company to meet the casting needs of the customer. In logistical solutions and other service solutions, the machining company works in close cooperation with us in order to ensure timely delivery and quality.

Surface handling

We take care of both ordinary and special paint jobs at our in-house and partner paint shops with skill and according to customer needs.


If required by the customer, we are able to deliver our components as prefabricated sub-assemblies. Our partner network includes competitive solutions for both simple and more demanding assemblies.

SERVICES Total supply chain management

Logistics solution design and daily logistics control

We guarantee competitive delivery speeds and punctuality by comprehensive logistics solutions that are customized according to customer needs. We ensure the functionality of our solutions by engaging in close cooperation and implementing real-time information flows between all parties to the supply chain.

Sub-contracts and their coordination

We will take care of all sub-contracts for you, including machining, prefabrication, thermal finishing, and special painting, and our efficient supply chain management ensures timely deliveries.

Transport and warehouse services

We take care of both domestic and foreign transports for you – always in a professional and cost-effective way.

We have our own 2,800 m² logistics center in Uusikaupunki. We can also arrange warehouse services elsewhere in Finland and abroad as needed by the customer.

Packaging services

We also provide packaging services according to customer need in connection with the import, warehouse, and inspection of goods. Larger batches suitable for sea transportation are unloaded and packaged into delivery batches according to the needs of the customer.

Spare part services and other logistics services

We provide professional spare part services. Because our casting production is tuned to the quick turnover of single pieces and small series, we are in excellent position to provide a fast and secure spare part service.