Castings for demanding needs

Uudenkaupungin Rautavalimo –
since 1950

Flexibility and efficiency

URV operates a foundry in Finland and additionally employs a network of partner foundries and machinists both in Finland as well as in Asia. This concept allows us to provide a ”one stop shopping” -service for our customers, meaning that you as our customer will receive all necessary components from us. We are able to manufacture demanding unique pieces, small series, and prototype casts at our own foundries in a quick and flexible manner, and our international partner network will take care of serial production requiring cost-efficiency at a competitive price.

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Problem?We will solve it

Specializing in demanding casts

From unique pieces to large series

URV offers cast components for every need. We produce cast components that meet the needs of our customers. Our components are used for example in diesel and electric engines, pumps, and lift and transfer gear. We produce a diverse range of components for end products offered by industrial customers.

Our in-house foundry also serves as a product development foundry, operating in close partnership with our customers, as well as a prototype foundry for the run-up of extensive serial casts before production is transferred to international manufacturing. By relying on our partner network, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of products and services together with an almost limitless capacity at a competitive price.

WORK?We offer just the right kind of challenge

Working with us does not involve standing by a conveyor, but rather facing new challenges every day. We provide tailored casts designed to meet the individual needs of our customers. Be a part of a working community that appreciates a professional.

“A high level of motivation is appreciated”