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URV offers casting components with competitive solutions for all casting needs. Together with our customers, we design the service concept from the casting specifications to the point where the required high-quality components arrive at the customer’s production site as agreed. By continuously developing our solutions flexibly and cost-effectively, we ensure that our solutions have a high quality competitive edge.

Product development

Our product development is based on a deep understanding of customer needs and solid customer cooperation. We develop our product operations together with our customers and improve our production technique, product design and material characteristics based on the customers’ needs.

Casting technical support

The product requirements specified by our customers are taken into account from the product design phase. Our expert staff controls the product planning to ensure that the product will be suitable for its intended use, manufacturable and that appropriate, high quality materials will be used. An essential part of the technical support for casting is designing the casting pattern, which is therefore done in cooperation with the customer and the pattern maker. By working in close cooperation with our subcontractor pattern makers, we are able to ensure technical quality and continuously improve the pace and cost-effectiveness at which the patterns are manufactured.

Manufacturing and procurement

Through our own foundries and our wide contact network, we provide a range of versatile products with a limitless capacity. This strong network allows us to offer quality and cost-efficient products to our customers. Our own foundries concentrate on demanding single pieces, prototype castings, short series and customer product development projects, while our long series are manufactured in our international network of sub-contracted foundries. According to the specific needs of our customers, we can deliver components both machined and sub-assembled, thus ensuring efficiency for our customers’ manufacturing processes.



Our domestic and international contact network is made up of experienced machinists for different kinds of casting components. According to our customer’s needs, we choose the most suitable, competitive machinist from our network. When it comes to logistics and service solutions, the machinist will work seamlessly with us to ensure prompt deliveries and high quality.


Both our own and our partners’ paint shops handle standard and special paint jobs professionally according to the customer’s requirements.


Our network provides a reasonable solution for simple and more complicated assemblies. We deliver components as requested by the customer, even sub-assembled.

Quality control

Our domestic and international team ensure the quality of products manufactured in our own foundries and for components acquired through our international network. We are certified by the ISO 9001 Quality certificate.


Total control over the supply chain

We handle all logistic solutions professionally and according to the customer’s requests.


Our professional, customer-oriented and flexible logistics team is at our customer’s service. We ensure that the agreed components arrive at your assembly line at the agreed time and any problem situations that arise are handled quickly and expertly.

Planning and daily controlling of logistic solutions


Our comprehensive logistic solutions are tailored to suit our customers’ needs and to guarantee competitive delivery times and accuracy. Tight cooperation and a real-time information flow between all the members of the supply chain ensure the functionality of our solutions.

Coordinating subcontracting


We take care of all the subcontracting for you – machining, sub-assembling, heat treatment and special painting. Our efficient control over the supply chain guarantees accurate deliveries.

Transport service

We handle both domestic and international transportation cost-efficiently and expertly.

Warehousing services in Finland and abroad

We have our own 2800 m2 logistics centre in Uusikaupunki, Finland. Additionally, we arrange warehousing services in other locations in Finland and overseas as required by our customers.

Packaging services

We offer packaging services for goods that are imported, stored and inspected. Larger batches that are suitable for sea transportation are unpacked and repacked into smaller consignments to suit the customer’s needs.

Spare part service

We have a professional spare part service. Our own foundries are set up to quick manufacturing of single pieces and short series, which puts us in an excellent position to provide a fast and reliable spare part service.

Other logistic services