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URV’s own foundry is located in Finland. In addition to this, URV has a wide range of supplier foundries and machinists in Finland and Asia. This unique concept allows us to offer our clients one-stop shopping, meaning that our customers will get all the components they need from us. Our own foundries are efficient and flexible in manufacturing single pieces, short series and prototype castings. When cost-effective serial manufacturing is needed, the production is directed to our international network, which enables us to be price competitive.


URV Finland


Flexible and quick short series specialist

URV has its own foundry and headquarters in Uusikaupunki, Finland where we have produced cast iron since 1950. The production specializes in complex single castings, prototypes and short series. Our wide subcontracting network allows us to deliver components to our customers according to their various needs including machined or sub-assembled.

  • Flexible high quality casting supplier
    • Short lead time
    • Fast track prototyping
  • Ductile and grey iron castings from 20 kg up to 4.000 kg/pc
  • Total capacity 5.000 tons/year
  • Electric (induction) melting and phenol resin sand technology (AlpHaset)
  • Complete NDT Testing

Betorantie 30, FI-23500 Uusikaupunki, Finland

info@urv.fi  |  +358 2 842 9000

Logistics center in Uusikaupunki

We have our own 2800 m2 logistics centre in Uusikaupunki. In addition to storage services, we offer repacking, domestic and international transportation, and spare part services. Our customer’s needs are met by our professional and customer-oriented logistics team. In addition, we arrange storage services in other locations in Finland and abroad.

Supply System

International network for cost-efficient serial manufacturing

We have over 10 years experience in developing a strong supplier network and an order-delivery chain, which enables us to mass produce a versatile range of products at a competitive cost. This allows us to have a competitive edge on both castings and ready-made components. Furthermore, our partner foundries are equipped with their own machining and sub-assembling functions which guarantee cost-efficient total processes. These foundries are steered by URV and run by professionals that focus on quality control and reliable deliveries. Our experienced technology team supports product start-ups, technology processes and developing and guiding manufacturing. In addition, we have machining experts in Finland and in China with professional logistics team ensuring products are delivered promptly.

  • Cooperation foundries are located mainly in the provinces of Shandong and Jiangsu / China
  • The selection includes GJL, GJS, ADI and steel castings. The capacity of foundries is hundreds of thousands tonnes.
  • Versatile offering and practically unlimited capacity at competitive cost

 URV China

Our office in China (URV (Qingdao) Metal Products Co. Ltd) is located in Qingdao. The Company develops and supervises supplier network, supports deliveries to European customers and provides the same URV concept to our customers in China.

Our employees are local professionals who all are experienced in their fields, most of them in international companies. All key persons speak English and Chinese fluently.

URV China manages our supplier network in China by providing well planned technology, quality and logistics development & control.

sales@urvchina.com | +86 – 532 – 6806 6638