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Through our own foundries and our wide contact network, we provide a range of versatile products with a limitless capacity. This strong network allows us to offer quality and cost-efficient products to our customers. Our own foundries concentrate on demanding single pieces, prototype castings, short series and customer product development projects, while our long series are manufactured in our international network of sub-contracted foundries. According to the specific needs of our customers, we can deliver components both machined and sub-assembled, thus ensuring efficiency for our customers’ manufacturing processes.



Examples of our current material selection: GJL, GJS, SiMo and low-alloy steel materials.

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Product development

Our product development is based on a deep understanding of customer needs and solid customer cooperation. In continuous co-operation with our customers, we improve our production technique, product design and material characteristics based on the customers’ needs.

Product examples

Process industry

  • 200 kg, GJS500-7

Diesel engines

  • GJL 250, 536 kg


  • GJL200, 183kg

Electric motors

  • GJL250, 250 kg

Lifts and transfer gear

  • GJL250, 242 kg

Mining industry

  • GJL250, 615 kg